Why Is Sewing Adventures Different?

February 22, 2018

Why Is Sewing Adventures Different?

Lately so many people have contacted us about our classes and want to know why Sewing Adventures is different.

Firstly we are a teaching space - giving kids and adults an opportunity to learn and grow.  We believe in fostering, in teaching and in making your sewing dreams come true!   In saying that everyone has different sewing dreams....  some want to learn... some want to develop ... some want to reach the heights and some just want a sewing lesson!  All are good cause that is why we are here!

We find genuine down to earth teachers who take pride in passing on their learning lessons.  Teachers with passion and pride who will help you grow.

When it comes to the crunch - Sewing Adventures is about growth.  We are not about selling fabric, or upgrading your machine or even selling you fabric to use in our classes.  We want to teach sewing!  We want to give you the best teachers and an amazing environment to learn.... kinda like a friends home x

So pop in when our door is open or touch base on line, we would love you to join us x Leesa


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